Pink wall in the right dose. You can use and abuse Coral’s Sweet Life.

Types of house paints  Cozy light pink to illuminate. You can use Coral Malva Mineral.
The return of beige. You can try the Chinese Pearl from Coral.
Earthy nude in the double bedroom. You can use Coral’s Pink Ballet.
Light grayish pink in the room. You can use the Coral Perfume color.
Earthy lit in the living room. You can use the Coral Camursa.
Light pink in the living room. You can use the Coral Memory White.
Light pink earthy at its best. Coral Wavy Silk.
Basic whiteness without errors. From Coral to Distant Mountain.
Composition of paintings on a light green wall. The Swiss White of Coral.
Green on the kitchen wall. Fresh Blue from Coral.
Water green to refresh the room. Icy breeze from Coral.
Sky blue in the couple’s bedroom. Coral Ski Trail.
Grayish blue to give firmness to the decor. Coral Pearl Violet.
Perfect mix of colors on the wall. from top to bottom: First Love, Rosa Conquista and Escrita
Antiga both from Coral.
Emerald on the total wall. You can use the Vista da Lago da Coral.
Green in the modern bathroom. You can use the Inner Peace of Coral.
Earthy tones to snuggle. Coral Beach by Coral.
Burgundy to convey seriousness and welcome. Coral’s Burgundy.
Sophisticated wine on the entire wall. Coral Wine Route. House paint interior how much cost

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