Harmonization of paint colors for homes

To combine paint colors in the environments you need to know a little about the color circle
and keep in mind that furniture and decorative objects are also part of the process, but how to
choose from so many paint color options available on the market? And what are the best
shades for each environment?
We have separated some tips and tools to make your choice easier, after all a new painting can
be the ideal solution to redesign the home decor without having to renovate or change
furniture, in addition to being a very economical option. Check out!
Harmonizing the colors of paints with the chromatic circle
The color wheel is a tool for studying and harmonizing colors. In it, the colors are side by side
inside a circle, in the same order as they appear in the chromatic spectrum.
Colors are classified within this format and this classification helps us to understand how one
color can be combined with another. This classification can be used when decorating
environments, so you can choose the colors of wall paints House painters newton

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