As the couple is still getting to know each other, it is normal for them not to feel 100% at ease – and this can cause a little embarrassment.

To alleviate any embarrassing situation, a good idea is to look for romantic restaurants,
but a little more relaxed.
More alternative places or with a little less formality tend to make people more
comfortable, which helps the conversation to flow.
Less pomp, more talk!
So far, we’ve talked generically about romantic restaurants and what they must have to
make your date special.
From now on and in the next topics, we will bring tips from specific establishments, which
fit certain preferences.
There are 15 options, which we will number to facilitate your choice – starting with
reserved environments.
O Primrose is located at Saint Andrews Castle, one of the most luxurious hotels in
It is so exclusive that there are only 5 tables there, so the reservation is absolutely
necessary to guarantee your meal.
But it’s worth it: the delicious menu is recreated daily with fresh and organic products,
mixing ingredients typical of the Serra Gaúcha with other Europeans of the highest
Want a more rustic setting for your romantic dinner?
We have three suggestions for you! italian sandy springs restaurants

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