Time Lapse

Time relays refer to electronic elements that, in the case of components with adjustable times, can enable the switching of the output signal according to its main purpose. These components are widely used in automation of machines and industrial processes, such as motor starters, control panels, industrial furnaces and injectors, among others. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/dc-motors/2525288_10801800_leeson/ Relays feature high-precision digital electronic elements that allow repeatability and freedom from noise and vibration, avoiding serious damage. Thus, produced according to the specified rules, the relays are basically a compact and safe solution in boxes with small dimensions for rail mounting in configurations with 1 or 2 outputs.

Therefore, the relays can be properly adjusted up to 30 minutes with high reliability and precision. Regarding the type of operation, they may present a delayed energization, which refers to the actuation of their keys moments after the connection, or energizing of the relay, returning to rest soon after its disengagement or deenergization. The deenergizing delay acts with the keys at the time of activation, although they will only return to sleep after deactivation.

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