In Florianópolis for over ten years, Pizzeria Milano has already consolidated itself as a reference point for Italian gastronomy.

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The owner Grazia Fraschini – or Grace as she is called
by her friends – was born in Milan (Italy), is the mother of Gianluca and Valentina and is a
specialist in products and techniques for their pizzas.
The establishment offers four award-winning pizzas at the World Pizza Championship, held
annually in Parma (Italy). They are: Zuccata, based on pumpkin, Tartufina, with truffle sauce
and mushrooms, Brazuca, with eggplant and mint and the healthy Green Pizza, made with
green vegetables, such as broccoli and zucchini, prepared with wholemeal pasta, in an
initiative to welcome the people with cancer.
One of the secrets to the success of Milano’s pizzas is the preparation of pasta without
industrialized yeast. “Natural fermentation is much lighter and easier to digest”, explains
Grazia. In addition, the owner seeks local suppliers of fresh, high-quality products, such as
mozzarella. Vegetables and vegetables are always fresh and preferably organic. In addition,
some inputs are imported from Italy.
In addition to her dedication to the pizzeria, she is also involved in social projects. Within the
actions carried out at the Padre Wilson Groh Institute, in Monte Serrat, Grazia is a volunteer in
classes for the training of young pizzaiolos. He also participated in an initiative with branch
colleagues around the world to raise funds for earthquake victims in the Italian city of
Amatrice. “Everyone can cooperate. Solidarity is what makes us human, ”concludes Grazia.

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