Types of Existing Engines

The electric motors can be divided and classified according Gates BX35 Tri-Power Belts to the type of power supply, as we see below:

– Universal electric motors: this type of electric motor can work with both DC and AC power. A DC electric motor does not accept AC power as it would invert the current every half cycle and that would only cause it to shake, not spin. In the same way, a true AC motor will not accept DC power because it will not offer the appropriate changes in the current direction for correct motor operation.

 – Alternating Current (AC) Electric Motors: These types of electric motors are the most commonly applied because the distribution of electrical energy is usually done in alternating current. We estimate that 90% of the motors manufactured are squirrel cage induction motors.

 – DC Electric Motors: These motors are known for their precise speed control. They are higher cost motors and moreover require a DC source, or a device that will convert ordinary alternating current to DC.

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