Just as painting the facade of houses is important, so is painting the rooms in the house.

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The colors are capable of transmitting sensations, yellow for example reminds
us of joy, pink brings us femininity and white brings us the feeling of calm, so
knowing how to choose the colors of home paint or even wallpaper is so
And if you want to be a little more daring in house colors, try making a facade
like the wooden and masonry house image below, where the colors of paints to
paint the house chosen were blue and yellow, leaving yellow, which is a more
striking tone to paint details such as the windows and blue was responsible for
beautifying the walls. In this project, the green hammock on the terrace and the
pink plant pots brought even more joy to the space. As with the facade, when
choosing house colors to paint the room, it is necessary to observe the
personality and tastes of the residents, but be aware that even very dark black
or gray can also be used as colors to paint the house and the room and ensure
a beautiful and cozy environment.

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