I think that, as an unnoticed Italian, it was extremely important for me to define my understanding of cooking as an understanding of the traditions that are part of food.

It is extremely important that I can say: ‘I may not have an Italian name or I am born in Italy,
but my ability to know and cook what is authentic means that I am Italian like Luciano
Pavarotti’. I think behind the many dishes we love, appreciate and worship is often a reason
that is authentic to us. And I believe you really need to understand the classics in everything
to start reorganizing them. But the food is not static and our taste is not static. And maybe if I
was Italian to the bone, I’d feel freer to add English sauce to my tomato sauce.
When I taste traditional French food with thick, rich and long-cooked sauces, I don’t like it. It
tastes old, stiff and boring. I do not agree that innovation for innovation is necessarily a good
thing, and I do not necessarily like molecular gastronomy more than I like the classic French
haute cuisine of the 1950s. But for me, a really confident chef is capable and eager for suitable
new ingredients and techniques. Things are changing, our paleness is changing and what was
new today can become the tradition of tomorrow. American Pasta new italian restaurant in alpharetta

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