Home paints: odorless and synthetic enamel

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Odorless Ink
Odorless paints are those that lose odor within three hours after application. They are
indicated for quick renovations and avoid possible allergic reactions.
Quick-drying, this type of ink is water-based and can be found in matte and satin versions.
Synthetic enamel
Synthetic enamel is not suitable for walls, but it is worth showing this option, which is one of
the most used types of paint in civil construction.
Its indication is only for iron and wood. The reason is that, in contact with masonry and plaster
walls, this type of paint is susceptible to peeling and the appearance of bubbles.
The synthetic enamel is found based on water or solvent. In the first case, the smell is not so
strong and the drying is fast.
Due to its high resistance, it can be used in outdoor areas with incidence of sun and rain.
Regarding the finish, its trademark is the high gloss, but there are versions that offer a more
matte, satin or metallized appearance.

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