For this reason, all deliveries are made by our own employees

Thus guaranteeing the quality and agility that the customer has been waiting for”,
guarantees one of the owners Sérgio P. Fonseca. Fritos e Assados serves in
Brooklin, Campo Belo, Moema, Vila Olímpia, Morumbi, Real Parque, Chácara Flora,
Vila Nova Conceição, Vila Mascote and Planalto Paulista. Orders can be placed by
phone or via the restaurant’s app. “To maintain the temperature of the steak tartare,
we send a ‘cushion’ of ice with the dish”, explains Lygia Lopes, a partner at the
trendy Spot restaurant, located in Jardins.
This is just one of the precautions they
take so that delivery orders arrive at the customer’s home perfectly. They also
separate foods so they maintain the desired texture. “At Penne Oriental, for
example, we pack the almonds separately so that they are placed on the hot dough
only when they are eaten, keeping the same crunchiness of the dish finished in the
restaurant.” In addition, they are also concerned with the look of the packages,
which have just been redesigned by the renowned graphic artist Rafic Farah, who,
based on Spot’s identity, created sophisticated and practical pieces.

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