Enamels and home finish paints

High Gloss Polyurethane Enamel
High gloss polyurethane enamel, its performance is incomparable to other conventional
systems, finishing with high resistance to weathering and aggressive atmospheric conditions.
Due to its excellent chemical and physical resistance, solvent-based cleaning, conventional
cleaning products and water jet, the removal of graffiti, soot, fungi, adhesives is very easy. It
has excellent gloss color retention. Recommended dry thickness 40μm.
Fast Drying Aliphatic Polyurethane Primer
Two-component, aliphatic polyurethane primer. It is a fast drying product, excellent resistance
to natural weathering, good flexibility, excellent physical and mechanical resistance and easy
to apply. Calathane PR aliphatic is a general purpose paint, used when physical and mechanical
resistance is sought. Recommended dry thickness 40μm.
Lead-Free Synthetic Glossy Finish
One-component, alkyd finishing paint. High gloss finish, excellent stability and weather
resistance. Widely used in industries, as it has superior quality than conventional synthetic
enamels, it does not have heavy metals in its formulation. Use: In the maintenance of
structures, pumps, motors, overhead cranes; External part of the sides of tanks or other
equipment exposed in environments of low and medium aggressiveness; Chemical and
Petrochemical Plants; Metallic structures. Recommended dry thickness 30μm.
Glossy Synthetic Finish Electrostatic Painting
One-component alkyd finishing paint for painting electrostatic equipment (Pistols, discs and
turbo). High gloss finish, excellent stability and weather resistance. Widely used in industries,
for having superior quality than conventional synthetic enamels and enabling better use of the
paint by being attracted to the piece that will be painted. Recommended dry thickness 30μm. Painting service for exterior

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