Bearing Applications

It should be noted that if the engine has a specific axle locking element, it must be removed before the axle is turned and afterwards it must be replaced again before the engine is driven. In the case of open-wound motors stored for more than six months, the bearings need to be relubricated, just before the start of operation. If the engine is stored for more than two years, it is advisable to replace the bearings, or they should be removed, washed, inspected and re-lubricated.

Therefore, machines 108226.00 which bear rolling bearings with oil lubrication need to be properly stored in their original operating position and with oil in the bearings.

The oil level must be respected, remaining in the middle of the level display. During the storage period the shaft locking device must be removed and the shaft rotated frequently so that the oil recirculates and keeps the bearing in good condition. It is recommended that the motor shaft is rotated periodically. If this movement is done manually, at least five turns must be taken, turning the shaft in a different position from the initial one.

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