Ella Italian Restaurant

Ella. (with same point) bet on a cute kitchen, offering an executive menu at R $ 30 and leaner
dishes, also around R $ 30. Installed in a renovated Pinheiros townhouse with balcony at the
entrance and cramped lounge , the house is run by Alexandre Romano, ex-chef of Aguzzo who
also passed by Fasano’s kitchen. The dishes rest on a simple cuisine and a lean menu, which is
solved by the crackling of quick-cooking pasta, grilled fish and some baked goods. Fresh pasta
is freshly opened. The beet tortelli has a distinct flavor of roasted beets, processed with
buffalo and parmesan ricotta and butter and sage sauce (there is an option with foie gras). The
st. Peter with vegetables in herbal oil, fish option on the executive menu of the day, arrived at
the ideal spot at the table and a slightly crunchy crust. Although served as a starter, the correct
polenta with sausage ragout lacked rag├╣ on the day of the visit. Close the meal with the
crunchy cannolo, ricotta with sweetness to the measure and light aroma of orange and fresh
pistachios. R. Costa Carvalho, 138, Pinheiros, subway Faria Lima, tel. 3034-1267. Since 2013.
Mon. 12h / 15h; to have. a fr. 12h / 15h and 19h / 23h; Sat. 12h / 16h and 19h / 23h; Sun. 12h
/ 16h. Credit: D / M / V. Debit: M / R / V. Couvert: R $ 6. Entries: R $ 20 to R $ 30. Main dishes:
R $ 26 to R $ 43. Desserts: R $ 11 to R $ 16. Executive menu: R $ 30. Valet: R $ 20. Rowell pasta

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